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New Alpine Holiday Services Apartments in 2022!

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New Apartments in Wengen - Alpine Holiday Services

Alpine Holiday Services is happy to present six new additions to our portfolio of vacation apartments in Wengen. Each brings a unique extra to our already wide range of Swiss chalet holiday homes. Browse our website at for a full gallery of photos and easy booking online.


Chalet Mönchsbüffel with Alpine Holiday Services

Exquisitely furnished one bedroom, ski-in ski-out apartment in Wengen. This is a delightful, contemporary apartment which is well situated in Chalet Mönchsbüffel. A warming, ski-in, ski-out option in the winter season. In addition it is tastefully furnished throughout. Whilst the bedroom incorporates  dark, seductive wood, the living area challenges and invigorates with an exquisite shade of noble red. This apartment has an open aspect to the north west, with views over the village of Wengen. However, the south /west facing, sunny balcony offers views of the Jungfrau, Breithorn and Lobhorn; a refreshing location for summer evenings alfresco.

Eiger Residence with Alpine Holiday Services

Jungfrau views from this central, three bedroom, stylish apartment. Alpine’s apartment in the Eiger Residence is an excellent balcony location from which to see the course of most of the famous Lauberhorn Downhill Ski Race. Breathtaking to think of plummeting from Lauberhorn to Innerwengen in just under two and a half minutes!The Alpine resort of Wengen has a  great deal to offer the traveller to Europe. A high-tech resort in winter, home to the famous Lauberhorn World Cup Downill Ski Race, and a farming hamlet in summer. Enjoyment of the Alps from this Swiss resort is almost limitless. Alpine Holiday Services can offer a wide range of accommodations, each unique and an experience in themselves. There is no better way to experience Swiss style, landscape and customs than to holiday in Wengen.Eiger Residence apartment not only has stunning views but offers a grandstand seat for many events taking place in Wengen. The National Costume Festival begins at the Eigerhuebel with traditional dancing and flag throwing. The Alpauf and abzug processions can be glimpsed from here too, not to mention the alphorn blowing and cowbell ringing festive events.  The Eiger itself was a popular hotel.The well frequented and atmospheric restaurant is still extant and extremely handy for refreshments and dining!

Chalet Rose Residence Penthouse with Alpine Holiday Services

Breathtaking valley and mountain views from this Alpine Wengen penthouse in Chalet Rose. A great option in which to revitalise and reconnect with fresh air and beautiful nature. The world famous Lauterbrunnen Valley stretches down before you, and icy summits surprise, like a page from Tolkein. Adventures are to be had too in this stunning landscape. Whether you long for a glacier walk at the Jungfraujoch, a thrill on the First Flyer zipwire or an adrenaline fuelled Trotti bike descent, Wengen is a must-stay!

Racers Retreat 3 with Alpine Holiday Services

A Wengen family retreat in cosy Alpine Style in Innerwengen. Beautifully situated in rural Innerwengen, this is a duplex apartment of choice for those who pine for this quiet location a little distant from general amenities. Innerwengen chairlift makes it ultra handy for the slopes in winter. In summer it gives a head start onto the mountain trail up to Stalden, Biglenalp, Wengernalp and Eigergletscher. Innerwengen itself offers views of the valley and Staubbach falls opposite.

Les Résidences Waldbort Penthouse with Alpine Holiday Services

Opulent penthouse with stunning views. Chalet Waldbort, also known as Les Residences Waldbort, is a relatively new property in the traditional style, built to a very high standard and well placed for summer and winter stays. Waldbort penthouse is superbly furnished and offers the guest a stunning view of the famous Jungfrau Mountain… perennially white at its peak and glaciated north face. An extensive south facing balcony is a delight. Two bathrooms and a Swedish oven makes for an indulgent, choice apartment in Wengen. For the culinary able the kitchen will be a pleasure and the dining table and chairs a truly class act. Browse the apartment photos at and book your chosen weeks with ease.

Chalet Bergrose with Alpine Holiday Services

Ideally located, open, family apartment with Jungfrau view. A vacation homestay to remember in the beautiful mountain resort of Wengen, Switzerland. Brunching on the balcony whilst planning your days in the Alps and all in plain site of the Jungfrau Mountain, is an alluring option. A spacious open plan living area with 2 bathrooms, including bathtub, suits a family or two couples.
The Chalet Bergrose is a much loved family favourite! We look forward to welcoming you to the Alpine resort of Wengen soon.

Wengen Excursions with Alpine Holiday Services

A Wengen vacation at Chalet Mönchsbüffel offers a huge variety of truly memorable excursions in the Alps, invigorating activities and relaxing wellness options.

An excursion to the world renowned, glacial world of the Jungfraujoch is top of most visitors’ lists. Imagine the high, rarefied world of the mountaineer, enveloped in mountain peaks, glaciers, snow and ice. Add a bit of touchy feely snow scrunching and ice glistening. Then don long distance vision to realise the summit scenery…and you’ve got it! EXCEPT a trip to the Top of Europe/Jungfraujoch can be effortless. The tremendous feat that is the Jungfrau and Wengernalp Railways enable us all to visit the highest railway station in Europe!

Not to be outdone, the Schilthorn system of cabeways can whisk us to the pinnacle of self indulgence…champagne on ice at 2970m, revolving whilst  summit spotting at Piz Gloria. This revolving restaurant is the eyrie hideout that was built for and featured in, the Bond Spy Movie of 1969.  
The aforementioned excursions are almost a round the year event, however, summer holds its secrets too. One of our favourites is the Schynige Platte trip. The nostalgic train climbs through beech forests, across alp, tunnels through rock and pine forest alike, precariously traverses the mountain contour and finally we witness a vista to match all vistas! The Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau trio of stunning, snow-clad peaks presents itself and the deep and distant valleys add drama to the Tolkeinesque landscape. Schynige Platte itself offers the opportunity to commune with nature, sounds a bit ‘new age’ but the hike to Faulhorn and Bachalpsee and First is out of this world, or almost. Shorter circular hikes are also possible and then there’s the mountain top restaurant…not easy to resist!

Whilst we are enumerating the high spots, let’s not forget the gem of a mountain lake that is Bachalpsee. Whilst visits are possible for most of the year, and always worthwhile, the magical reflection of the mountainscape on the still waters (you hope) is obviousy only possible when the lake is free of ice and snow.Enough of the high spots!…the lakes of Thun and Brienz are easily reached from Wengen. Get the season and the time and the boat right and it’s a mesmerising evening. The paddles churn the glacier lake water of Thun, the nostalgic paddle steamer glides through the water, the sun drops and the light  intensifies to orange and we are transported…Lake Brienz cruises have much to offer too. The waterfall and period hotel at Giessbach is an enticing stopover. Food to be recommended and the red funicular is just so Swiss!

Day Excursions further afield are also possible. The swish Lucerne-Interlaken Express travels over the mountain at Brünig Hasliberg and follows several lakes to deliver you to the very different lakeside resort of Lucerne. The walk to, and visit to the Swiss Transport Museum are worthwhile.

Bern on the other hand is a medieval cityscape not to be misssed. Several up-to-date museums present a take on the past. You might also attempt to get your head around Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, he was a one-time Bern resident and  inspired by the trams if I remember aright.
Wengen Vacation Activities Bookable with Alpine HolidayServicesFor those guests who just enjoy the experience of activity, we have the choicest opportunities. Even if the Jungfrau Marathon or Inferno Triathlon are not your thing, the sky is still the limit. Tandem paragliding is a thrilling way to experience the Jungfrau Region. Bungy jumping, sky diving, rafting and canyoning are all within your reach!

From extreme, heart-pumping, adrenalin-fuelled activities to cultural, real Swiss experiences to family friendly and thrilling adventures, the Jungfrau Region has it all.Imagine a holiday jam packed with action, experiences and stunning scenery… Alpine Holiday Services can make that vision a reality. Explore and book our range of activities and experiences with our third party partners through our website. It couldn’t be easier. Children will enjoy the Rope Park at Interlaken. A forest adventure located high up in the treetops. Or for rainy days, the Indoor Ropes Park can be a challenging option for young minds.

If you prefer to get up close to the Alpine peaks themselves then you can book a helicopter flight over the glaciated summits. Or for the more adventurous, Hang Gliding, Tandem Paragliding, Bungy Jumping and Sky Diving are on offer.

However if water is more your medium then reserving a seat on the Jetboat is a thrilling way to explore the turquoise blue waters of Lake Brienz. Sit back and enjoy the fun. The Aare Float Trip, Family Rafting, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Canyoning might also appeal to the family on the move.

Or perhaps an evening Monster Scooter Tour? Or simply hiring a motor boat on Lake Thun to explore, sun-soak and swim? Wengen resort lies at the heart of the Jungfrau Region and as such is ideal for tapping into the many sights and activities clustered in various high spots. Whilst at First, take in the Cliff Walk and adventurous First Flyer and First Glider. In addition, bookable elsewhere, are  Trotti bikes, and Go-Karts. These are an exciting way to descend the mountain from First Grindelwald.

A favourite excursion for geology and history fans is the Glacier Canyon at Grindelwald. Explore the canyon along extensive walkways and through tunnels in the rock face. Take in the distant high snows and discover how the Lower Grindelwald Glacier was instrumental in bringing about these marvellous rock faces. Especially brilliant is the time around midday when the sun bathes first one wall of the canyon, then the whole and finally the opposite face. The powerful action of water on rock is visibly evident here and also at St Beatus’ Caves on the shores of Lake Thun. Oh and be sure to walk out onto the 170 m2 Spiderweb which spans the canyon. It really is a thrilling sensory walk and a great spot for Instagram photos.

More details and easy booking online at

Hiking Around Wengen with Alpine Holiday Services

Perhaps the most ubiquitous activity in the Region during the summer months is hiking. And there are many must-do hikes for all levels of fitness. If you are strictly a downhill person, trekking down from Eigergletscher, along the moraine  and on to Biglenalp’s waterside and Wengernalp is a rewarding plan. Possibly wending your way down through the woods from Stalden to Wengen. There are possibilities for Cheese tasting at Wengernalp.
A more strenuous but celebrated day hike starts from Schynige Platte. Only open in the high summer season, it initially follows the contour of the mountain and the trail passes through beautiful scenery to Faulhorn and the mountain restaurant, then down to Bachalpsee and First. The Jungfrau Massif is the star of the show. Or hike the opposite way but be sure to make the last train/gondola.Another equally lauded trail takes you from Stechelberg in the Lauterbrunnental to the mountain tarn of Oberhornsee via Obersteinberg. The Breitorn is up close here and the moraine is a captivating sight. The tinglingly cold waters of the lake are freshness personified for the brave and hardy hiker.

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