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Alpine Wengen is a lovely Swiss mountain resort. It  lies at 1274m on a south facing, sunny, shelf far above the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Surrounded by an amphitheatre of beautiful mountain peaks, it’s an idyllic spot to stay. A high-tech resort in winter, Wengen Resort is a traditional farming hamlet in summer. In the spring and summer months it’s magical to tread the trails and track down secluded nature at its best.

Trees Staubbach


We at Alpine Holiday Services particularly enjoy setting off across the meadows from Staubbachbänkli (views of Staubbach Waterfall plummeting into the cliff-sided valley opposite). Leaving Alpine wengen and then climbing through the woods in spring we find all sorts of foliage and flowers, trees and breathtaking views of the valley below.  Waterfalls are full with meltwater at this time of year. It’s all weirdly atmospheric in the forest gloom. Here and there beams of yellow sunlight spotlight a clump of flowers or fungi. 

spring flowers hiking


Clearing the forest we have a totally  ‘wow’ moment… spectacular and enormous snowy peaks suddenly appear basking in the warm sunshine, if we’re lucky! Beyond Mettlenalp the trail widens. The Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau Mountains tower before us, it’s just amazing above Alpine Wengen!

waterfalls Wengen


Meander along the alp to Biglenalp, along the peaceful side of the valley. It’s an interesting trail through some trees, up and down amongst the slabs of limestone jutting through the green floor. Dodge the small streams and follow the rivulet to the signpost. Here we feel it’s a touch eerie. The drama of the adjacent steep ravine can be felt rather than seen. The mountain wall rises steeply to its snowy peak. Here’s a flattened, peaceful terrain. Scattered about are fallen boulders, odd twisted stumps of trees, and abundant vibrant flowers especially in June. The imagination can run riot with gremlins, trolls and fairies! You just have to be here in Alpine Wengen. 

Biglenalp hiking


Climbing out of the dell we might encounter a cow straddled across our pathway. Somewhat of a rocky staircase brings us to Wengernalp. Right turn to the Eiger moraine, straight on to Wixi. Then it’s a bit of an UP before we descend once more to Alpine Wengen by a different track. So many different trails to take, to explore, to get to know!

We are looking forward to seeing you in Alpine Wengen this spring and summer. Looking forward to sharing nature with you. Looking forward to welcoming you to one of our wide range of unique apartments and chalets in this idyllic setting that is Alpine Wengen. Of course you can see flowers and stuff at Mönchsblick, on Männlichen, at the Leiterhorn and many more nature scapes in and around Alpine Wengen. For a gallery of photos, more info and easy booking, visit our website at alpineholidayservices.chCall or send  Rachel an Email for our personal service.

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