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Bachalpsee Lake Region: Photo Tour

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One of the 3 ski areas in the Jungfrau Region, the astonishing First-Bachalpsee-Faulhorn scene is a must-see for the winter hiker and sledder too.

Wengen mountain resort hits the spot when it comes to exploring the wider Jungfrau Region. Find apartments you can trust at <>  and make a scenic journey over (2 ways) or around the mountain, from Wengen to Grindelwald and then take the effortless cableway up to First.

Bachalpsee Pictured below:

1. First area

Your gondola sweeps into the top station after an exhilarating climb. The Berghaus restaurant with sun terrace, the Cliff Walk and First Flyer zip-line are right here. Enjoy the stunning views and activities before perhaps setting off for the Bachalpsee Lake with sled in tow.

2. Lower Bachalpsee Lake

The walk to Bachalpsee Lake takes around an hour, but what an hour! A mountain peak, a mountain goat, surreally wind-sculptured snow formations;  there is something new at every turn. The Bachalpsee Lake is frozen over at this time of year and appears serene before the contrasting, rugged, Alpine peaks of the background.

3. Mountain Bar en route to Bachalpsee Lake

Refresh at this real mountain bar, either outward or inward bound. It overlooks the Wetterhorn Mountain in the photo but it also has a phenomenal view across to the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau Mountains.

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Bachalpsee Pictured above:

4. Early Morning Reeti views with moon and Cliff Walk in the afternoon

Few places are more atmospheric than Bachalpsee Lake. The early morning sunshine lights up the snow like an exploding spotlight, warm yellows replace cool blues. The Reeti Mountain, a looming mass, arises out of  the Lake.
The fun Cliff Walk winding around the precipitous cliff face is hair raising and spot on for photos.

5. A North-South divide

A great wall of Bernese Alps, part of the great European watershed. Worth a photo or two!

6. Reeti Mountain peak with moon and off piste skiing

Believe it or not 2 skiers have almost reached the peak of the Reeti here, beneath the moon. Several before them have carved a curving track in the snows!

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