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Tandem paragliding is the ultimate experience. Feel the pure weightlessness of flying combined with breathtaking scenery and the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the Jungfrau Region. Book your accommodation in Wengen and get your adventure started.

“Your world is as big as you make it.” — Go forth, explore, and dream on your Alpine Holiday Services’ Vacation in Wengen!

Quote by Georgia Douglas Johnson

Airtime’s professionally trained and qualified paragliding pilots are committed to ensuring Safety First and can’t wait to take you on this adventure!


The Paragliding Flights

“The Wall” as the most popular expedition is called at Airtime Paragliding must be one of the most incredible paragliding journeys in the world. Starting from Mürren the flying time is approximately 15-20 minutes – jam packed with countless waterfalls, incredible views of the car-free resorts of Wengen, Gimmelwald and Mürren all backdropped by the famous and dramatic Jungfrau Mountain range.


Why not upgrade your booking to the “Double Airtime” flight and double up on time in the air? At CHF 70.- extra, this thermic flight takes 30-40 minutes and is dependent on the thermic conditions of the day.

The favourable geography and microclimate in the Lauterbrunnen Valley makes paragliding from Mürren possible all year round. You can fly in almost all weather conditions but flights don’t take place in the rain.

The Start of Paragliding

The “multi-cell wing type aerial device” better known as a parachute was first patented in 1966 by Canadian Domina Jalbert. But it wasn’t until 1978 that three friends from France calculated that on a suitable slope, a parachute could be inflated by running down the slope. With their launch, the sport of paragliding was born.

Combine this Activity

Combine this paragliding activity with a visit to Mürren, the Schilthorn, the Playground at Allmendhübel, and the Skyline / Thrill Walks at Birg to complete your day’s itinerary in the Jungfrau Region.

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