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Schilthorn Summit, Panoramic Piz Gloria Restaurant Revolves at 2970m. Discover and Go from Alpine Wengen

Alpine Wengen resort lies at the heart of 3 distinctive and beautiful areas in the Swiss Jungfrau Region. Take a look southwards from Wengen’s sunny mountain shelf. See the cableway rise from Lauterbrunnen to Grütschalp and the nostalgic brown and yellow train trundle across the cliff landscape to the first buildings of Mürren village. Furthermore the ‘pretender’ Bietenhorn’ peak mascarades and hides the Piz Gloria restaurant perched atop Schilthorn.

Make a circular afternoon tour. Down the mountain, a short bus ride to Schilthornbahn and 4 connecting cableways bring us to the pinnacle. If possible plan to catch the sun setting with its orange and red rays spotlighting the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau trio of peaks. In addition, return via Mürren and Grütschalp for a cosy nightcap in winter or summer.


Piz Gloria eyrie, Schilthorn, also offers amazing panoramic views. Furthermore eastwards the Alps rise from the sheer cliffs of the Lauterbrunnen Valley. From left to right above pick out Männlichen, Tschuggen (sun-dashed), Lauberhorn, Wetterhorn (spotlighted a little behind), Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

Schilthorn Panoramic Views

Piz Gloria, Schilthorn is famous for its stunning panoramic views of over 200 peaks on a clear day. Firstly it features in the famous 1969 James Bond spy movie with ski action at altitude. Secondly don’t miss ‘Bondworld’ and the many action film clips!

Schilthorn peak is the jumping-off point for experienced skiers navigating its thrilling ski runs.

Watch the Alpine summits come and go before the eyes as the Schilthorn restaurant table, chair and self revolve, glass in hand!

On to the helipad, curling rink and photo arena! Or a ridge-top walk to the lookout!

Rose-tinted peaks galore! From the pinnacle of Schilthorn it’s fascinating to find the pyramid of Mount Niesen towering above Lake Thun. It’s fun to trace last summer’s hiking path to the Lobhorn, how very different it appears in a winter guise. See the Bergrestaurant at Schynige Platte?

Thrills at Birg, 2677m

A cableway short of Schilthorn summit find Birg. Find a ’Skyline Walk’ over the cliff edge. Take a selfie before the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Plunge into a mountaineer’s world, up close to the sheer rock, abyss below – it’s the Thrill Walk!

Alpine Accommodations in Wengen

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