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Wengen Holiday – autumn 2021

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Many unmissable excursions and fine views are centred on the holiday resort of Alpine Wengen in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland. Take advantage of autumn rates, check what is and isn’t easily reachable at this time of year and have a wonderful Wengen holiday with Alpine Holiday Services.

Schynige Platte

Wengen Holiday Trips


An unspoilt hamlet just waiting to be explored on a late Wengen holiday.
Fallboden. Improve your fitness this autumn vacation by hiking up from Wengen to Fallbodensee and Eigergletscher. Views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau on a clear day will not disappoint.

Schynige Platte

The nostalgic Schynige Platte Railway operates quite late into October. Which is great for making the most of the golden autumn light on a Wengen vacation. The Alpine Garden is still of some interest and circular hikes might also appeal to you on this excursion from Wengen. The panoramic view of the wall of Bernese Alps is mesmerising from this vantage point too.

Grosse Scheidegg

Check out the mountain bus from Grindelwald station and bathe in the morning light at Grosse Scheidegg. Hiking around to First and Bachalpsee might be possible on this holiday.

Mürren and Winteregg

The cableway from Lauterbrunnen to Grütschalp is a great way to get on the scenic, relatively flat trail along the contour to Winteregg and Mürren. Wengen resort can be seen across the valley, bathed in evening sunshine, with the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau Mountains on the right hand side.

Wengen Holiday: Männlichen

Although the cableway closes quite early in autumn, it might be possible to hike up from Wengen on this holiday. Red foliage is abundant in September and is particularly enjoyable on the ‘Romantic Hike’ down to Alpiglen or Kleine Scheidegg.

Eiger Glacier and Moraine

There are several ways up from Wengen, enabling this destination to be an option for most of this holiday season.

Alpine Holiday Services’ Apartments

Excellent accommodation is available in Wengen throughout this holiday period. Browse and book online at and enjoy low prices.

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