Skiing in Wengen

Wengen in the snow…


Village of Wengen in the snow – heaps of snow! The children have started skiing, the sledges are out and the fairytale snow covering has appeared. Are you coming to join us in Wengen in this fairytale Winter Wonderland?

“Winter has come in Wengen,
lets go and have some fun,
In the snow we can play
the whole frosty day.

In the snow we can sleigh,
We can ski, we can play with snowballs,
In the snow we can skate,
we can run, we can ride a snowboard.

Winter has come!
We are ready for some fun!”
By Olga Nest

Wengen in the snow

Wengen in the snow is charming and the holiday feeling has begun. Hot drinks are being stewed – Gluhwein, Hot chocolate, Punch and Teas! The festive spirit is inviting and warming.


Skis and snowboards have come out of their Summer hiding spots to make the most of Wengen in the snow. Central Sport offers top quality ski and snowboard service as well as seasonal and daily rental equipment. Skis range from freeride skis for powder snow to race skis for the pristine prepared ski slopes.


Ski Resort Wengen in the snow. The train or the cable car takes you up to the mountain to the well connected pistes, top quality facilities and mountain top bars and restaurants. And at the end of the day, the slopes run straight back in to the village.

If you are staying at Wengen in the snow with Alpine Holiday Services, make use of the complimentary ski room with Central Sport, right at the end of the ski track and put away your gear before making your way back to your relaxing and unique mountain holiday apartment.


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