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Wengen- March Review and Spring Holiday Preview


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‘ The Rough Guide to Switzerland’  Fully updated 6th edition including free EBOOK

Andrew Beatie, Magdalena Helsztyńska-Stadnik, Alice Park and Rich Woodruff


On the Crest of Spring we Look back over the winter season of  ’22/23 in and around Wengen

On the crest of spring, we take stock of the best of the 2022/23 winter season in Wengen and look forward to the promise of a renewal of verdant alps and new life. There is so much on offer in April in the Jungfrau Region and we encourage you to take advantage of lower prices and witness the early blooming of snowdrops and crocuses against a backdrop of snowy peaks, quite unlike the summer panoramas.

Pictured opposite is Berghaus Allmend in the foreground, a scenic refreshment stop to linger at before skiing down into Wengen resort below. Ski resort Wengen lies at the heart of the three ski areas of Wengen-Grindelwald, Mürren-Schilthorn and Grindelwald-First and the ski pass is valid for all three. With extensive snow-making equipment and phenomenally good views, Wengen is a top ski resort choice and is a particular favourite with families.



Männlichen: A winter and spring holiday paradise above Alpine Wengen

It doesn’t come much better than this! After a morning’s skiing it’s time to relax and sun-soak yourself at the cinematic Männlichen. Of course, should you wish to take an even closer look at those mountains, helicopter rides are available from the  Männlichen on sunny days in winter and Lauterbrunnen in spring. Ski school Männlichen, situated at this altitude, is another popular choice in March. Or if you are feeling energetic, walk up to the summit of Männlichen and stock up on holiday videos at the Crown – the panorama is truly magnificent. And please keep us posted with your favourite moments, tag them @alpineholidayservices_wengen.


Big Pintenfritz’ – the longest sledge run in the world. Named after the eccentric proprietor of Berghotel Faulhorn from 1888 to 1926 who opened the hotel in winter and loved to sledge to Grindelwald for the night and return early morning. But how he managed to do this, with no railway on First remains a mystery. Of course our guests today can climb up to the Faulhorn from First and enjoy the the long run down. Hotel is closed in winter

First: winter and spring holidays

Few hikes are more rewarding than this one from First to the summit of Faulhorn, via the Bachalpsee. Before you are the Reeti and Faulhorn peaks and to the south the magnificent Wetterhorn, Schreckhorn, Finsteraarhorn, Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Arriving at the summit we see the amazing panorama of the Jungfrau Massif, the lakes of Brienz and Thun and much much more. This area is increasingly popular for ski touring. Many climb relentlessly upwards on skis either to the Faulhorn or occasionally the Reeti. One can only imagine the thrill of the descent.

 The easiest route to First from Wengen is via Zweilütschinen to Grindelwald and then ascend with the First cableway; a serene and scenic ride popular both in summer and winter seasons. Other routes are over the Männlichen or via the Eiger Express from Eigergletscher.

Unfortunately the hiking paths are not always open, so please check the trail status before setting off to avoid disappointment. The Cliff Walk, on the other hand is open whenever the First-Grindelwald cableway is in operation. The walkway extends around the cliff and out over the valley. On a good day you can feel a real sense of thrill hovering over the abyss. It would be hard to find a more stunning stage on which to pose and capture photos for instagram.

The Berghaus restaurant is situated here too, so maybe a glass of champagne or mug of hot chocolate would round off a life-affirming day spent in the Swiss Alps in spring. The Jungfrau Massif lies within UNESCO’s World Heritage Site of ‘Swiss Alps Jungfrau Aletsch’. Further information and a stunning large screen movie can be found at the centre at Naters, near Brig. Certainly worth taking the train under the very Alps themselves to Visp and Naters, near Brig.

Another try-not-to-miss World heritage site is that of the Medieval Cityscape of the Old City of Bern. On a clear day the whole Jungfrau Massif stands majestically on the distant horizon.


Springtime in the Alps is, for me, a special time of year. The snow still caps even the lower summits, the days are longer and the green is greener! The high mountain lakes reflect their massifs and the many are few! Please note the opening times of various attractions. The Jungfraujoch is open 365 days a year and the Schilthorn’s  Piz Gloria and First ‘s Cliff Walk have only short closures for essential maintenance work.

The wide sweep of Alpine terrain, captured in the photographs here, is the magic of this stellar location. For the swoop from the summit of the Wengen Jungfrau to the cliff-sided walls and flat base of this U-shaped valley, teeming with meltwater in the Spring, is the stuff of legends. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings no less. Not to mention Goethe’s poetic homage to the Staubbach falls. The Leiterhorn, above Wengen is easily accessed on foot in the Springtime. The views from here extend both ways along the valley. Take along a fondue on a warmer evening, or barbecue at the facility, no need to worry about making the last cablecar!

Walking along the valley floor and visiting the Trümmelbach Falls with the White Lütschinen River in high speight and the meltwater cascading down from the Jungfrau and Mönch Mountains is another appealing option. The Trümmelbach Falls open in April although not suitable for young children.

Several excursions from Wengen are worthwhile at this time of year. Cruise Lake Thun and visit the castles of Spiez and Thun. Ballenberg Open Air Museum near Brienz, opens in April. Harder Kulm is another early opener and offers spectacular views of Interlaken, the Lakes and the trio of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

“This legendary Alpine area offers classic Swiss scenery and challenging hikes”                                                                                                              

The Rough Guide to Switzerland


Pictured above are a profusion of crocuses dotting the greenery before the ‘classic’ barn which in turn stands on the stage of the Leiterhorn with a Jungfrau scene backdrop. Classic spring Swiss scenery if not a particularly challenging hike.

However, perhaps a more challenging hike is that from Wengen to Staubbachbänkli, Stalden, Biglenalp and Wengernalp. Usually largely clear of snow in April, it might be possible to climb to Eigergletscher a little later in spring. In any event the meandering trail takes you across alp in Innerwengen and up through the steep wooded area alongside the cliff edge. Waterfalls abound here now and spring flowers flourish in the penetrating sunshine. See photos opposite and on page 30.  Through the trees of the lookout place the Staubbach Falls and several other cascading falls stream down the opposite cliff from Winteregg and Murren. One could imagine an overflowing pale with water streaming at will over the lip. Lauterbrunnen meltwater then trips along  in the White Lütschinen River down into Lake Brienz and onwards as the Aare River towards the  North Sea.

The village of Mürren too can be seen nestling on the clifftop opposite and perhaps the Schilthorn peak with its revolving restaurant attraction and vistas of hundreds of summits. The Schilthorn peak is another high spot in the Bernese Oberland Region. A succession of 4 amazing cableways will take you from the valley base at Stechelberg to Gimmelwald, Mürren, Birg and finally Schilthorn peak at 2970 m. A stop off at Birg for the cliff walk is a must for thrill seekers. And of course the world renowned Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau peaks opposite.

Accommodation for a spring holiday in Wengen

Late spring and the garden teams with alpine meadow blooms. The snow peaked Bernese Alps streak across the horizon and numerous waterfalls cascade with meltwater. You have arrived at Chalet Schlössli. The start of a retreat vacation, long to linger in the memory.Equipped with log burning fire, central heating, firepit and garden furniture, this stylishly converted farmhouse is the real deal.

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Other retreat properties are Chalet Ledibach, Chalet Hunnenfluh, and Racers Retreat in Innerwengen.

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Spring Activities around Wengen are several and can add a layer of meaning to ‘we saw the Alps’. Paragliding is perhaps the most popular and is available from several sites in this Region. Helicopter rides over the Jungfrau Massif is another whole family option and can include a snow field landing amongst the peaks. If you really want to push the boundaries we can arrange tandem sky diving to release your adrenaline.

Have you active youngsters in tow? An hour or two at the Ropes Park in Interlaken, a forest adventure, might well appeal to them.

Spring Holiday Trails to Burglauenen and Biglenalp

Early spring and the crocuses appear from nowhere and litter the alps. One of my favourite haunts is the higher Leiterhorn grassy area. The hiking trail continues on from here to Burglauenen. Ask at the Tourist Office for details.

 Pictured below is a chalet hut on the Biglenalp trail. Biglenalp is a weirdly atmospheric place, inaccessible in winter. The towering peaks perhaps convey a sort of unspoken menace. From here the runoff flows into the Trümmelbach below and through the famous Trümmelbach Falls hollowing out the rock as it thunders down to the valley base.

See page 40 for further information about the Trümmelbach Falls.    


Spring excursions in the Jungfrau Region

Around Lake Thun

‘Lake Thun (the Thunersee) is one of the prettiest in the country, a tranquil patch of misty blue loomed over by high shoreline mountains. The presence of the snowy Bernese Alps to the south, ranged above the water in a breathtaking panorama, constantly beckon you on.’ Rough Guide to Switzerland

The vineyards of Spiez, pictured here, add a dimension to the picturesque shoreline and castle. The sunrise, to the east, can highlight a walk through this relatively  low lying landscape. Please note the castle is open from May to the end of October.

Journey on to Thun or Interlaken with the motor ship.

Trümmelbach Falls

“These impressively thunderous waterfalls… have eroded the rock into weird and wonderful shapes”

Rough Guide to Switzerland

‘Welcome to Thun Castle!

Visit the mighty donjon built around 1200 by the Dukes of Zährigen.

Experience the pomp and glory of the medieval Great Hall.

Climb up into the towers and enjoy the impressive view of the town, lake and wonderful mountains’


Spring Holiday on the Jungfraujoch above Wengen

This excursion is available 365 days a year, weather permitting. Several features are available depending on the time of year. Please check to avoid disappointment. Of course it’s really only worth the trip on good weather days. Why not book a two week stay in one of our quality holiday apartments in Wengen? There is plenty to do and to experience on a spring holiday in the Bernese Oberland. Many of our visitors return annually… don’t settle for second best at another resort!


Pictured here, at the top of the page, is the Glacier hike from Jungfraujoch to the Mönchsjochhütte  which is open from the end of March to mid October, weather permitting and at your own risk. For me, a non-mountaineer, this hike is a supreme experience.

‘The Great Aletsch Glacier,’ pictured opposite, ‘is a vision of primaeval beauty… this huge river of ice that stretches over 20km from its formation in the Jungfrau region (at 4000m) down to the Massa Gorge, around 2500m below, fascinates and inspires every visitor.’

The Ice Palace, pictured above, is a fun place to be and a revelation – walking right inside the Jungfrau firn no less. Ice sculptures have been recrafted at intervals by artists.

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