World Snow Festival – Artistic Symbolism in the Jungfrau Region


Teams of artists, skilled in the creation of ice-cold Art, gather every January for the World Snow Festival. Teams work in Grindelwald centre and on the beautiful Männlichen Mountain above Wengen ski resort.

Many fine sculptures are being exhibited by International teams throughout the World Snow Festival weekend. Here in Grindelwald these monochrome-like images contrast the timeless rock of the Eiger Mountain towering above with ephemeral but monumental artistic forms. Temporary forms of compact snow or smoothly polished marble?


We find above a monumental but ephemeral cube-like structure perfected to appear as marble-like by a skilled team from Germany. “The sculpture’s concept stems from concrete Art and minimalism with focus on ‘aesthetic essence’ coming ‘directly from the mind’- it’s about balance and the transformation of what is”. Ideas of attachment and detachment are embodied, furthermore compact snow epitomises the temporariness of existence.

Netherlands Team

The Netherlands Team also presented a monumental sculpture at the 38th World Snow Festival.I see the mirrored, interconnected shapes representing internal mirroring of thoughts and feelings. “Hospitality; being able and willing to put yourself in the other person’s shoes…’’

The World Snow Festival theme this year, 2020, is hospitality. The Swiss sculpture comprises beautifully crafted stars denoting good hospitality. A well known symbol rooted in history. In addition the circular form denotes inclusivity and interaction.”The five portrayed stars convey a sense of inclusion and the sculpture invites spectators to actually enter this ‘dome’ and have their private moment to experience this.”

During this year’s World Snow Festival three teams worked on the beautiful Männlichen Mountain above Wengen ski resort. A short cablecar ride from Wengen opens up a world of pistes and panoramas.


Blue skies, white brightness and snow covered Alps are winners. Man-made Art enhances the scene. A structure for shelter is a universal symbol of hospitality, none more so than in exposed mountain regions. Here a work in progress promises an exciting architectural form echoing  the jagged rock mountain summits.

Ukrainian Team

These Ukrainians are seasoned competitors in the World Snow Festival, furthermore choosing this year to create on the Männlichen. A people-centred approach to hospitality is conveyed in this sculpture of rings. A ‘snow man’ being the focus of attention within the condensed field of vision.

A new team to display at the World Festival, Alaska crafted a humorous take on ‘camper van hospitality’.
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